5 Green Flags to Look for During a Job Interview

31 October 2023

5 Green Flags to Look for During a Job Interview

While we often focus on red flags that might indicate a problematic work environment, it’s equally important to be aware of green flags. These are positive signs that indicate a promising opportunity and a supportive workplace. Here are five signs to look for during a job interview that will help you to work out if the company has good values, can help you to grow professionally, and could offer you a satisfying role:

Engaged interviewers

One of the most obvious green flags during a job interview is how enthusiastic the interviewers are. If they show genuine interest in you, your background, your skills, and your experience, it probably means that the company values its employees and is genuinely invested in building a good team.

Check your interviewer is really listening, asking thoughtful questions, and providing you with detailed information about the company, its mission, and any future goals.

Clear growth opportunities

During the interview process, look for signs that the company is serious about ongoing learning and provides resources to back this up. Pay attention to any information shared about career opportunities within the company. Green flags here might look like talking about mentoring, training and professional development activities, and clear career progression paths.

A company that invests in the growth and development of its employees is more likely to provide a fulfilling work environment that should supports long-term career goals.

Transparent company culture

A transparent company culture is essential for trust and a health, non-toxic work environment. Green flags related to transparency might include open and honest communication about company values, policies, and expectations. Companies that openly share their mission, vision, and long-term strategies indicate a willingness to involve their employees in the decision-making process.

Additionally look for companies that emphasise teamwork, diversity, and inclusion, with well-defined channels for feedback that make it easy for employees to be heard, voice their concerns, and contribute to the company.

Positive employee experiences

You might not be able to speak to current employees directly before starting work for a company but there are ways to check for positive employee experiences. Pay attention to the attitudes and behaviour of the team me,bees in your interview, looking for green flags like relaxed, friendly interactions, a positive atmosphere, and a sense of community.

You should also checkout websites like Glassdoor where you can read employee reviews and learn more about company culture and work-life balance to get an indication of how supportive management are and how much they value their teams.

Commitment to work-life balance

Green flag for commitment to work-life balance could be offering flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and policies that promote healthy work-life integration. A strong emphasis on work-life balance means the company values the employee wellbeing and respects the need for balance for employees to be content and successfully put forward their best work.

Recognising green flags during a job interview is crucial to identifying engaged interviewers, clear growth opportunities, transparent company culture, and positive employee experiences, that align with the career path you want to take.

Look out for them so you can make informed decisions about potential job opportunities and find a company where you can thrive both professionally and personally.

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