Mature-age employment services

If you’re a mature age worker, not yet reached the aged pension, on income support or living with a treated illness, injury or disability, we can help you find work. Our employment programs give you specialist support to secure a job after time away or change career.

Employment services for mature-age workers

At CoAct, we understand that getting back into work or changing careers can be daunting, especially for older jobseekers. Rest assured there are plenty of mature-age workers who feel apprehensive when they think of a jobs market that has changed significantly since they first started working. That’s where we can help. 


Along with our national network of local service partners, we support people aged 45 years and older who are looking for work. We do this through Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services. 


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You bring a lifetime of experience to the workforce

And as a mature-age jobseeker, you have more skills and experience that you realise. Employers are often impressed by the life experience and wisdom you bring, as well as: 


  • skills  
  • reliability 
  • work ethic 
  • mentoring. 


“I’ve been extremely happy with Brett and see great value in employing him. He has been extremely reliable and works to a high standard. I am very thankful for you recommending him.”  – Employer, Wodon

Get the personalised support you need

When you register with CoAct, we’ll help you overcome any barriers you have to finding work, from being made redundant to simply being out of work for a while. 


We’re committed to helping you build a better future, whatever your situation. We also have expertise in helping culturally and linguistically diverse workers, people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


“Thank you for your patience in helping me find a job – one I can do within my physical abilities.” – Brett, mature-age worker, Wodonga

We're with you every step of the way

We’ll work with you to help get you job-ready and secure a role you enjoy. Our support includes: 


  • assessments to help you decide on the right role  
  • training and upskilling 
  • help looking for work 
  • guidance on writing your resume and cover letter 
  • interview practice 
  • funding to help you get job-ready, for example tools, workwear, haircut 
  • support once you start work. 

Why choose CoAct?

We’re a national network of not-for-profit community organisations that share the goal of supporting jobseekers who are most in need. We actively build employment opportunities in over 1,000 communities and use our network’s knowledge to offer you the best possible support.  


Our relationships with local providers enable us to offer you jobs, work experience and training opportunities. We’re well connected with recruitment and labour hire companies, registered training organisations, employers and local industry. These connections open up job opportunities for you in your local area, and across the country.  


Our customer promise 


Looking for work or a new opportunity?

Our friendly team can help mature aged job seekers find and keep meaningful work. 


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