CoAct and our Service Partners

CoAct is a national leader in employment and community services. We’ve helped over three quarters of a million Australians get back into work since 1997. CoAct works with local Service Partners who deliver on-the-ground expertise to help you find the right job sooner.

Meet the power of many

At CoAct, we do things a little differently. Our proven partnership model which, we call ‘the power of many’, has been in place for over 20 years helping people find and keep meaningful work.


CoAct successfully brings together all the specialist knowledge and experience of each CoAct Service Partner into one central location to share across the network.


We can help you find and keep the right job sooner because we have more people working to help

Our unique model that focuses on YOU

CoAct works behind the scenes to drive innovation and performance, ensuring our Service Partners always deliver the best in employment services.


CoAct powers our national partnership of for-purpose Service Partners, who are the on-the-ground experts in your local area and are highly-connected to local employers and supports. This unique model delivers the best of local and national qualities.


It’s simple. More people working together for YOU, to deliver YOU better service, better connections and better results. That’s the power of many.

Local expertise with the strength of a national network

With Service Partners across 300 locations throughout Australia, CoAct can connect you to the right people and support services no matter what your employment challenges and aspirations are.


Unlike other employment providers, CoAct is not one organisation but many and is made up of some of Australia’s most respected and experienced Service Partners who choose to work together to help people and communities in need. Together, we work with a range of job seekers, including:

CoAct Service Partners working together

CoAct is a vibrant and innovative network activating and delivering many vital services in regional, remote and metropolitan communities. Each one of our local Service Partners is able to provide street-smart social solutions tailored to the individual needs of each job seeker.


Shared knowledge really is a powerful thing and you can be sure that your local Service Partner together with CoAct forms one of the largest employment services providers in the country to give you the right support to get you into work sooner.


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