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CoAct is a leader in problem solving, innovative thinking and collaboration with a goal to better understanding unemployment, its causes and how we can eliminate it.
We are proud of our reputation as strong agents of change – in the sector, in local areas across the country and most importantly, in people’s lives.

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At CoAct, partnerships are the key to success. We work together with other research teams to help find new insights, innovations and ways to better help our communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Research Project

CoAct are creating an innovative solution to change how employers approach diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to help employers benefit from a more diverse workforce while creating positive outcomes for disadvantaged jobseekers.

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Intensive Case Management

CoAct’s Intensive Case Management (ICM) model provides a greater opportunity to help the highly disadvantaged or very long-term unemployed clients move into sustainable employment. It allows targeted service delivery with broad measurable impact that can be replicated at scale across disadvantaged community groups.

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Pilot programs

CoAct believes in home-grown innovation and use pilot programs to test out new ideas on how to improve our communities. Pilot programs are the perfect way to continually innovate and CoAct evaluates all pilot programs to see what worked and what could be done better.

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Innovation with impact

Innovation was the spark that created CoAct. CoAct works closely with local communities to find new ways to help and discover better ways of delivering and funding existing services. Learn more about the fantastic work being delivered by CoAct Service Partners across Australia.

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CoAct is committed to finding new and innovative solutions to help disadvantaged Australians reconnect with employment sooner.


In 20 years+ of being change makers and inspiring others to be change makers, CoAct has helped over 750,000 people and it’s a number that’s growing every day. Learn more about our insights through research projects and our impact.

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