Our history

Since 1997 CoAct has been making a difference in the lives of Australians as ‘the power of many’. Read about CoAct’s history and achievements as the first social franchise in Australia.

Australia’s first social franchise using 'the power of many'

It’s a model that differentiates us to this day. The grassroots membership of Australia-wide Service Partners retains independence of identity and governance, but the national body provides leadership for the delivery of services at the front line, ensuring CoAct Service Partners are supported and performing.

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A proud history of transforming lives

Today we are CoAct and are still driven by the belief that sustained employment transforms lives.


The 100-plus community-based organisations we’ve partnered with across the country over the last 20+ years have each added to the rich tapestry that is CoAct today.


It’s a network made up of diverse organisations who all bring different strengths and knowledge which can be shared.


Each of our Service Partners play a significant role in positively impacting individuals and their communities.

A diverse pool of communities and groups

No matter if the community is in a remote, regional or metropolitan area, each community has unique challenges which stimulate new thinking.


For 11+ years, we have partnered with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, servicing some of the most disadvantaged communities across remote Australia.


We’ve also seen lasting benefit to individuals and their communities through our youth-focused green projects, which we delivered for over 16 years.

A great sense of community

A common theme across our network is the great sense of community, camaraderie and genuine care for each other and those we help.


We have a proud history of transforming lives and strengthening our communities.


Our ability to innovate has been made possible by listening closely and identifying the needs and strengths of our job seekers, tailoring the assistance we provide and collaborating with our partners to make change happen.

Always moving forward

We are excited about what the future holds and what we can achieve as ‘the power of many’.


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