How we CoAct

CoAct’s partnership model successfully brings together all the specialist knowledge and experience of our partners into one central location to share across the network.

A unique model

This unique model is our competitive advantage and delivers the best of local and national qualities.

  • At a local level: CoAct Service Partners are employment experts who know their community, the local job market and are well connected with local employers and support services.
  • At a national level: CoAct works alongside our Service Partners to improve services, share knowledge, provide best practice guidance and design innovative solutions for our employers and customers.

CoAct delivers the best of both worlds

“(CoAct) represents collaboration. Everyone else is competing against everyone else but they aren’t – they’re generating really powerful economies of scale. ”
– Sector expert

Sustainable transformation

You can’t find someone a job if they’re living in a car. Service delivery needs to integrate across the silos of employment, housing and other community services if we’re going to create sustainable transformations.


That’s why the CoAct partnership model works.


When you talk to a consultant, you are actually talking to a diverse range of specialists at one time.

Working with you locally

  • In the communities in which we operate our network members are well-known leaders with specialist local knowledge
  • They can pull levers, which create social and economic opportunities for the disadvantaged

Working with you nationally

  • When we negotiate with a large employer for a national partnership, we take the role of a large national player
  • That’s how we deliver the best of both worlds and our proven track record makes CoAct the partner of choice public and private stakeholders across all sectors

A powerful combination

The power of many is a powerful combination of shared expertise and focus which delivers better results for everyone.


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