Transparency and accountability

CoAct is committed to working with all our stakeholders to maintain transparency and accountability through our rigorous policies and procedures.

Our Values

Our Values guide the way we work with all our stakeholders and with each other and underpin a culture in which respect, integrity and ethical business practices are a part of everyday behaviour.

Privacy and feedback

CoAct is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information we collect as part of the services we offer as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We invite feedback from our stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement to our services as outlined in our Complaints Policy.

Whistleblower policy

As part of our commitment to detecting and preventing illegal and other undesirable conduct or wrongdoings, CoAct encourages the reporting of such conduct and provides mechanisms whereby concerns can be reported in confidence and without fear of repercussion through our Whistleblower Policy and our internal Fraud Prevention and Control Policy.


Communication and Consultation

CoAct works in close partnership with our members who are kept informed of Board discussions, decisions and consulted on major issues. The regular Chair of Board Update reports on recent Board business and decisions.

The Board requires management to consult with members on major issues (e.g. Constitutional changes; subcontract pricing models; branding), with member views included in Board papers and a regular member satisfaction survey is conducted.

In addition, both the CEO and Chair carry out regular member visits and members are encouraged to contact the Chair or CEO with any concerns.

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