Getting some direction

From the beginning of signing up to the Transition to Work program with Youth Projects, Rayan was positive and motivated. She showed up to every appointment and worked really hard with her transitions coach, Hannan, to build up her resume and focus on job searching and interview techniques.

Rayan was talking about enrolling into a few courses and she always knew she wanted to find the right job for her. She just needed a point in the right direction.

“I constantly struggled to find the perfect job for me which made me give up for a while, I also struggled to find the perfect course for me as I applied to and withdrew from over 3 different courses, in 1 month!”


Gaining opportunities

Hannan could see Rayan was incredibly engaged and was eager to be put forward for vacancies and so she contacted an employer at Melbourne Airport for a customer service/barista role. Rayan interviewed with Muffin Break and was offered a casual, ongoing role which she was over the moon about!

“I thank Youth Projects for all the help they’ve provided me with and all the support they’ve given me, but mostly thank you to the one person who believed I’d find what’s right for me even if it took an entire year! Thank you, Hannan, you’re one of a kind!”.

Since then Hannan has spoken with Rayan’s employer who advised that Rayan is doing incredibly well.

 “Rayan has really fit into our team and is picking up the work really quickly.”

Rayan will continue her employment and has also enrolled in a university degree! Youth Projects will continue to support Rayan in her job.

“Thanks to Hannan for being such a patient coach and giving me this time to figure out what I really want and who I want to be. I can finally say that I am employed by two companies and will be starting my university degree.”


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