Research has shown that when you train in 1 job, you actually gain skills that can be used in an average of 13 other jobs. This is great news as it means you're probably skilled for more jobs that you realise, or at least you will be. Clusters are several jobs grouped together by skill set.

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The Artisan

You have a creative streak and like getting stuck in. Whether it is fixing things, building things or creating something new, you're hands-on, not hands-off. You're a doer and a go getter!

The Carer

You're on a mission to be kind and it's in your nature to help others. You understand that sometimes others need help and you're a natural at looking out for friends and family around you.

The Coordinator

You're organised – it's all about the process and getting things done. You might prefer to stay behind the scenes but you're the glue that holds it all together.

The Designer

You always see a better way of doing things. Whether it is making life easier, prettier or more efficient, you are the one that has the ideas.

The Generator

You're a goal-driven people person. You love to talk, laugh and meet new people. Helping, building and assisting to reach a goal is your thing and your attention to detail is second to none.

The Informer

You are chatty, bubbly and the life of the party. Why not use your unique charm to influence and inform people and keep the communications flowing?

The Technologist

You love living in a technical and digital world! Well, the good news is, you're living in a digital world, so the phone and laptop *love* you're feeling could, literally, pay off.

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Clusters based on research by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), Job Figures via LMIP and Job Outlook.