Bridge to Work is going from strength to strength by providing Bridge Housing residents with the necessary support to help them transition into sustained, meaningful employment.

Karleen’s story

Through her participation in the Bridge to Work program, Bridge Housing resident Karleen has been supported into a life-changing job opportunity with Tribal Warrior Cruises.



Success finding sustainable, ongoing employment

Passionate about educating Indigenous communities and keen to give back to her community, Karleen came to the Bridge to Work program hoping to find work in community services.

She had been out of work for five years prior to joining the Bridge to Work program. Through the tailored support she has received through the program, Karleen has now been in employment for almost a year.

Karleen was successful in obtaining part-time employment with Tribal Warrior, where she is busy teaching young Indigenous children about their heritage and local history.

“I’m so appreciative of the support and coaching I received from the Bridge to Work team. They gave me the motivation I needed to apply for community supported roles and helped me find the work I wanted within the Indigenous community.”

Positive program results

Since the program’s inception last year, Bridge to Work has assisted 76 people, with over half of participants securing employment or setting themselves up to finding the right job for them by returning to study. Of the people placed into jobs, they are also receiving ongoing support to help them on their way to sustainable employment.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of participants noting an increase in their confidence and motivation.

Register for Bridge to Work

If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant aged 17-60 and would like tailored support to find work, you can register your interest online here, or contact your housing manager for a referral.


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