Former recruitment partner Talara was recently recognised for her work with jobseekers in an interview with Chess Connect CEO Paul Kelly.

Here she discusses her approach to her role and thoughts on successfully supporting jobseekers as they look for work.

What do you credit for the positive outcomes you’ve achieved this year?

There are two things really that I think drive my successes at work: my personal approach and office teamwork.

I adapt my approach depending on the jobseeker I’m working with as it’s important to tailor the job plan to their goals and skills. I also focus on their attitude and motivation and supports like explaining that a job search allowance is good when you only have to attend a one-hour appointment and job search per fortnight can help shift to a more positive mindset – and then we can only imagine what can be achieved with a pay packet.

What’s your plan if a job seeker is reluctant to engage?

I show that I care and show compassion. I’m passionate about getting jobseekers into mainstream employment, but I also reassure them that it is OK to fail, and that we will always find something else.

What are your thoughts on teamwork?

The DES service delivery model has a team focus to achieve outcomes – this is vital. It is a much better approach than everyone for themselves. Team members have complementary skills and are better at solving complex problems. A team is also a great support mechanism.

I am a creature of habit and I thrive on structure and routine which is so important in our role for a foundation for operational excellence. Time management is also a critical success factor. I make sure I am as efficient as possible, and I only look for roles that are suitable for individual jobseekers.

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