Everyone on Jobseeker

The JobSeeker rate will undergo a permanent rise for all beneficiaries, by $40 per fortnight.  


Aged 55- 59 years

An increased rate of JobSeeker for older citizens, previously only available to recipients over 60 who had received JobSeeker for nine months or more, will now apply to those over 55. This will result in an additional $92.10 per fortnight for individuals aged 55 to 59, in addition to what they currently receive. 



The Austudy and Youth Allowance payments will experience a $40 per fortnight increase, ultimately benefiting 1.1 million individuals receiving income support.


Single parents  

The cut-off for the single parenting payment will be lifted from 8 to 14. Previously, single parents were obligated to apply for JobSeeker when their youngest dependent child turned 8. This change will benefit approximately 57,000 parents, the majority of whom are women, who will receive an extra $176.90 per fortnight if they are on the base rate.


Visiting the doctor

The financial incentive for GPs to bulk-bill the most common consultations with children under 16, pensioners, and other holders of Commonwealth concession cards (including those on Jobseeker) will be tripled. 


Energy bill relief

There is some bill relief on the way to 5 million households and 1 million small businesses via the federal budget. Up to $500 in energy bill relief is to be paid out to pensioners, veterans, concession card holders and people on government support payments. 


Rent assistance

Over 1 million Australians who receive Commonwealth rent assistance will see a 15% rise in their payments every fortnight. This is part of a set of measures in the budget that the government hopes will stimulate the availability of rental properties and help ease the burden on low-income renters. 


“CoAct welcomes the Australian government’s decision to increase the JobSeeker payment by $40 a fortnight for Australias looking for work. With the rising costs of living, this increase will provide some much-needed relief to those who are actively searching for employment. It is a step in the right direction towards supporting jobseekers and ensuring that they have the means to cover their basic needs while looking for work.”  – Nyssa deWaard, Executive General Manager, CoAct


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