The harsh reality of his misfortune didn’t stop him though, and he persevered to find work.

Despite his previous employment history and skills, Dominic found it difficult finding a job. After searching and applying for a wide range of jobs for some time without success, he decided it was time to get some help. Dominic’s positive attitude and initiative saw him refer himself to Workways, a Service Partner of CoAct, where he was introduced to his employment consultant, Kirralee Donovan.


Kirralee noticed how reliable, proactive and enthusiastic Dominic was, and how he had a genuine interest in receiving help to get him back on his feet.

He not only came in for their weekly meetings, but would also regularly drop in to the Workways office to say a quick hello if he was going past – a trait that many employers would respect and value. Kirralee helped Dominic update his resume and together they worked out which local businesses he should apply to for employment.

Adding to Dominic’s job search challenge was the lack of transport available to him to get to and from appointments and job interviews. Workways provided financial assistance and were able to help Dominic purchase a bicycle from local cycling business, Just Ride Cycles, to solve his travel woes in getting to his appointments around town.


Armed with his new resume and ability to travel, Dominic set about handing his resume out to potential employers around Lismore.

Dominic’s enthusiasm, skills and drive has resulted in him recently gaining employment at a local truck service station, meaning he can get back on track, find financial independence and start a new, exciting chapter. CoAct and Workways are thrilled to have been able to assist Dominic in his quest to find a job!


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