What is TTW?

For a young person, entering the workforce can be a scary and daunting task. The Transition to Work program (TTW) program helps young people between the ages of 15 – 21 breakdown this anxiety and fear of taking the next-step into the working world.


IMPACT helps support young students through TTW

As part of the TTW program, IMPACT Community Services recently worked with young students aged 15 – 21, enrolled to study Certificate II, Rural Operations/Parks & Gardens. All students were eager to learn and succeed in their further education whilst communicating their interest in launching a career in the agricultural operations industry.


TTW helps provides students with networking opportunities in the agriculture industry

To help these students express their interest in agriculture to potential employers, IMPACT organised an educational farm visit to Macadamias Australia. IMPACT provided supervised transport for each student and facilitated a presentation on the work processes of Macadamias Australia which helped provide them with a better understanding of the various roles within the agriculture industry.

Confidence for success

IMPACT support staff members actively provided support through encouragement and reassurance, which gave the youth students the confidence to successfully interact with the staff members of Macadamias, allowing them to network with potential employers to share their experience and background. Skye Zeike, Acting Team Leader at IMPACT, expressed how students progressively gained confidence, leadership and initiative throughout the duration of the day, allowing them to develop their professional networking skills.


What does the future hold?

The trip to Macadamias Australia provided a valuable insight for the students into the world of agriculture operations. The program has helped the students with their confidence as the local employers were keen to chat and answer questions. With the support of IMPACT, many of the young students found leads for gaining potential work experience with local employers which has made them excited and hopeful for the opportunities available to them in their future working careers


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