On this day CoAct remembers and acknowledges the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their families and communities. Those we now know as ‘The Stolen Generations.

We recognise the significance of this day, which also commemorates the official apology for the Stolen Generations – a very important first step toward reconciliation in Australia.
National Sorry Day is a day to reflect on the pain, trauma, and intergenerational impacts, these policies have inflicted upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It is a day to rethink how we can all play a part in the healing process for our people and nation.

We stand in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, recognising the importance of saying sorry and of learning from the past to move towards a better and more inclusive future for Australia.

Sorry Day represents our dedication to a future where all Australians stand together in mutual respect and understanding, honouring the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

It reminds us to actively promote inclusivity, challenge discrimination, and foster a workplace culture that respects and embraces diversity. We commit to educating ourselves, supporting Indigenous-led initiatives, and working towards genuine reconciliation.

CoAct is committed to contributing to Australia’s reconciliation journey, and to supporting our Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team and community with the work we do.
Partners can read more about National Sorry Day at The Healing Foundation | Supporting the healing of Stolen Generations survivors, families and communities

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