Ricki’s Story

Ricki is a 58 year old gentleman who moved to Mackay and changed DES (disability employment services) providers in the hopes of a more successful job search.

Ricki has Osteoarthritis in his lower back which restricts him from doing a few things and had made it hard to find suitable employment in the past. After contacting CoAct Employment and being referred to our service partner Community Solutions he describes the following experience:

“They listened to my needs and what I wanted for myself in terms of finding a job that would see me through to retirement. Within a couple of weeks they had found a position for me in the Rewards Hospitality warehouse as a forklift truck driver. The job was exactly what I wanted and it felt great to be understood and accommodated just as I am, without discrimination.”

Ricki started with 2 days a week at first and with comprehensive support from both the team at Reward Hospitality and his recruitment partner at Community Solutions he has now worked his way up to 5 days.

“They were always asking me how I was going and if I needed anything and with that level iof supported I have now worked my way up to five days a week. I am loving my new outlook on life, I have a greater sense of self-worth and I feel like I am contributing to society alongside everyone else.”

Congratulations Ricki, we never doubted for a second that you’d get here and make us all proud.

Briony’s Story

Shortly after Briony completed a school-based traineeship she decided to study for a Bachelor of Arts to satisfy her love of literature. During a total of eight years of part-time study she went on to apply for a variety of different casual roles, however none resulted in a successful outcome.

Although she felt deflated after yet another round of unsuccessful interviews Briony put herself out there once again, but this time with her Community Solutions recruitment partner Nikita on the case. Shortly after Nikita delivered the happy news that the perfect job had been posted with her contact at Reward Hospitality – and she had nominated Briony as the perfect fit for the role.

The title was casual hospitality store sales consultant and on hearing she had won the role Briony says:

“I’m extremely grateful to be given this opportunity and for the wonderful crew at Reward Hospitality to welcome me into the family. It took many years, and I thought it may never happen but I’m so appreciative of all the support I have received along the way.”

Congratulations Briony, we know that the team there are incredibly lucky to have you on board.

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