As Matthew explains, being born with a disability means growing up with the need for a myriad of support networks.


“As time goes on, one gets weary of only being a consumer of services and desires to have the opportunity to give something in return,” says Matthew.

He had started a Certificate III in Library Services under the supervision of another provider, but stopped due to a lack of support. Matthew approached Workways, a member of CoAct, for assistance. His new Workways Employment Consultant encouraged him to recommence his study; together they identified the support Matthew needed to stay motivated and engaged with the course.


Matthew’s case worker also began assisting him to find work by promoting Matthew’s skills to local employers and providing other candidate marketing support.


Matthew soon received an offer of paid work at Mudgeeraba Special School, providing administration support to the library. He is employed for eight hours a week, and his manager describes him as a ‘God-send’, following direction and getting the job done. He is also a great role model and mentor for children at the school who also have various disabilities.

At times, Matthew suffers from pain attacks during which he is unable to work. His employer is supportive of his condition, and allows him to alter his schedule to ensure he still works his desired eight hours a week.

Shortly after he received his placement, Matthew wrote to Workways:


“…Attaining a job has afforded such an opportunity for myself. To become one who is part of the community and able to put something back into it.

My days, I feel, suddenly have a sense of greater purpose, to feel valued and a have a life lived, not merely existing in.

Of course it is such aforementioned services, like those tasked with helping open doors to the workforce for people with disabilities, that I’ll forever be grateful to.

The chance to have some sort of employment might seem like a simple thing, but to have the same opportunities afforded to everyone else, has an immeasurable value to myself.”  


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