Finding the right path for Phillip

Prior to his stint of unemployment, Phillip had worked as a labourer, but his true passion was for gardening and landscaping. When Phillip’s Recruitment Partner Rebecca discovered his passion for gardening, she headed to LinkedIn to see if she could find some contacts in the industry. It was there that she connected with the manager at The Ez Garden.

“Use all your resources, you never know who you may connect with. I found this employer through LinkedIn one night while chatting to a few people I follow”.

Rebecca provided Phillip with a toiletries pack (donated by Seaford Lions Club), helped him to create a resume and cover letter and sourced him some new work clothing to help him make a great first impression when he met the team at Ez.


Phillip gets the gig

Phillip’s experience with Interact gave him the confidence he needed to make progress in his career. Thanks to Rebecca’s help, when a position became available at The Ez Garden he was ready to take on the challenge.

Phillip is thrilled to be working again after so long in unemployment and now that he has a steady income he will be able to gain secure accommodation.


People are more than their circumstances

“People will always surprise you”, Rebecca said when asked about what working with Phillip had taught her. “When I first met Phillip I never would have imagined that in just three short weeks he would be an entirely new man.”

When asked about his experience with Interact, Phillip said that it was “a true-life changer”.

“Rebecca was so receptive and attentive and kind, she made immense efforts to tailor her work to my needs and she did it all in very little time. In just two and a half weeks she completely changed everything for me.”



Life change is just around the corner

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