What’s a skills shortage?

A skills shortage is when there aren’t enough workers with the skills an industry needs. The National Skills Commission’s Skills Priority List details those that are lacking in Australia, and the anticipated demand of jobs that need these skills.


Using skills shortages to your advantage

If you’ve got an open mind about the job and industry you’d like to work in, understanding the in-demand roles can be a smart way to find job security. You’ll have the chance to develop new skills and a greater chance of staying in a job long-term.

Another benefit of choosing a job where there’s a skills shortage is that the Government generally directs funding to these areas. That could mean financial assistance for both employees and employers.


Five industries with strong job prospects

We’ve shortlisted the industries which currently have a skills shortage and the jobs within them that are likely to have strong demand in the future.


1. Engineering and construction

The Technicians and Trades Workers occupation group is the most in-demand area now and will be continue to be in the future. 42% of jobs in this field don’t have workers to fill them. That means if you’re interested in a trade like construction, it’s a safe bet you’ll find job security. These jobs also have many apprenticeship opportunities.


Strong demand

  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Surveyor


Moderate demand

  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter and Joiner
  • Floor finisher
  • Painting trades worker Glazier
  • Painting trades worker
  • Plasterer
  • Plumber
  • Stonemason
  • Tiler


2. Food services

Love being in the kitchen or working with food? There will always be a demand for freshly baked bread or a good steak, and the people behind them.


Strong demand

  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Pastrycook


3. Nature and gardening

Prefer getting your hands dirty to sitting behind a desk? These jobs are needing skilled workers to meet labour demands.


Strong demand

  • Arborist
  • Landscape gardener


Moderate demand

  • Agricultural and Horticultural Mobile Plant Operator
  • Greenkeeper
  • Nurseryperson


4. Care

Strong demand

  • Aged or disabled carer
  • Childcare worker
  • Enrolled nurse


Moderate demand

  • Early childhood (pre-primary) teacher
  • Nursing support worker


5. Motor trades

Mechanics of all types and other vehicle-related trades continue to be in demand.


Moderate demand

  • Diesel motor mechanic
  • Motor mechanic
  • Motorcycle mechanic
  • Panelbeater
  • Vehicle painter


What next?

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