If you or someone you know experiences a workplace accident or injury it could mean no longer being able to work in a current trade and having to change careers.

At this point a Disability Employment Services provider could assist and support you as you re-enter the workforce. This situation is more common than you might realise and there are several careers that can be a great fit for people who find themselves in this position.


1. Disability support

An interesting option that may speak to you if your own experience has opened your eyes to the very real difference an engaged and invested disability support worker can make to this experience. It’s also a great set up for a person with a health condition, injury, illness or disability as you have inside knowledge from your own experiences and they ar3 specifically set up up to help you thrive in the role.


2. Home support

At-home care service agencies are also experiencing a skills shortage as they are often in need of friendly, helpful people motivated by the personal satisfaction of a vocational role. This is a varied role that looks different each day from assistingseniors with daily requirements like running errands, to simply brightening their day by having a coffee and a conversation.

If you love people, need a flexible schedule, and thrive in ever-changing work environment home care support roles could be the right fit for you.


3. Food industry roles

The food industry currently has an abundance of ones ready to be filled and the work can be flexible, well paid and good fun with the right team and culture. Here are also great opportunities for ups killing and career progression as well as taft benefits from discounts to included meals.


4. Hospitality

Much like the food industry hospitality also offers a flexible work schedule with hotels and pubs allowing night owls and foodies the flexibility to do work they enjoy across nights and weekends.
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5. Government roles

Government administration roles offer great opportunities and benefits for people with disability looking to contribute to the community. The roles are varied but typically based in busy offices and focused on structure, processes and organisation.


6. IT support

IT is a booming industry gaining momentum as we continue to rely more heavily on technology. You will need strong technical abilities but less physical requirements which could make it a natural career option for you.


7. Sheet metal assembly

This falls under manufacturing and is a job well-suited to people with disability who wish to remain in construction. Sheet metal assembly workers use machinery and read metric measurements for a mix of labour and operations that makes for an active job that’s more than just physical labour.


8. Press operation

Press operators can manage machines, quality control or the filing of daily production reports. It’s a great fit if your previous career involved technical work or your personality type is suited to following detailed instructions.


9. Production

Production is a career option worth considering if you benefit from structure and organisation. You would essentially be picking and packaging as part of a team but with a specific part to play in the process as the system works best when everyone is clear on exactly what they need to do each day.


10. Transport

Driving buses, mini-buses or trucks can be low impact work that doesn’t physically out your body under stress. You may also get to visit new places and connect with new people in between time to yourself on the road. These roles can be suitable for people with a hearing impairment and upskilling here could include learning to drive a new vehicle, a great new lifelong skill and one you’ll have for life.

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