Small steps path the way to success

16 July 2018

Small steps path the way to success

When 23-year-old Jack first stepped into the Robina Site of CoAct Service Partner, Workways, he had never had a job, had no driver’s licence and lacked confidence. Diagnosed with Asperger’s and Autism, Jack wasn’t very hopeful in ever having any independence. That all changed when his Employment Consultant Mel worked closely with him, taking small steps to create positive change for Jack.

When Jack Richardson stepped into the CoAct Service Partner Robina Site, for the first time just over two and a half years ago, Employment Consultant Mel Pigram smiled to herself. At 23 years of age, Jack had finished school and was busy attending to his parent’s acreage property.

Jack had never had a job, had no driver’s licence and appeared to have a lack of confidence in himself.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s and Autism, Jack was not feeling much hope in ever having any independence as his barriers made it difficult for him to communicate and living in this busy, ever-changing world was very challenging for him.

Mel knew right from the start that taking small steps, building rapport and trust would be the key to Jack finding success.

It was late in the afternoon last November when Mel heard her work phone receive a text message. Looking down at the message Mel smiled, Jack had text a picture of himself holding up his P plates. After two failed attempts he had finally passed his driver’s licence test.

All of Jack’s hard work and perseverance had paid off, his commitment even when out of his comfort zone and ability to listen to advice, implement strategies and remain positive all helped him achieve his goal of gaining independence and getting his driver’s licence. Mel encouraged Jack to keep practising his driving and helped him to record his hours, encouraged him to remain positive, to study and not to give up.

Mel said, I was excited for Jack, I knew how much he wanted to drive and was so happy I could help support him through this and celebrate his success as well.

Mel also knew that Jack wanted to work; he wanted to earn his own money and wanted to have some independence.

Mel said, Right from the start Jack was pro-active while job searching with me, he really gave me one hundred per cent in every appointment, every time I offered support or advice he took things on board and I could tell he was changing.

Mel continued, “Jack was always on time for appointments, opening up more, starting to make eye contact and maintain conversations.” Jack was becoming job-ready.

 Mel picked up her phone and rang Roger, Store Manager of Woolworths Supermarket Mudgeeraba.

I had placed a few clients with Roger at Woolworths Mudgeeraba. The placements had been successful as Roger understands and is supportive of working with people with different barriers

said Mel.

Woolworths was a perfect fit for Jack as it is a quieter store and the night hours meant less people around. The job role also offered a repetitive type of functionality, which is a more comfortable environment for Jack to work in.

It has now been over five months of employment and Jack is thriving.

Mel said the improvement in Jack’s confidence is obvious and she has noticed a decrease in his anxiety levels. “Jack is happier, his whole demeanour is more confident. “He loves going to work, earning his own money, driving himself to work.”
Mel continued, “I’m so happy with this outcome for Jack, he is a hard worker and I’ve had several phone calls from Roger at Woolworths with glowing reports and great feedback about Jack.”

“Jack’s future is bright; he is achieving his goal for independence, has overcome his fears and is taking bigger steps.”

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