Fee-for-service options

CoAct can provide our unique expertise through additional fee for service options that give your business the edge in the highly-competitive market of employment services.

CoAct can also provide a range of additional fee for service options on request.

Performance and strategy

  • Performance improvement and contract intervention
  • Face-to-face delivery of training
  • Bi-annual Service Partner visit at a contract level
  • Extra on-site support outside of our contracted support commitment

Quality and assurance

  • Development of organisational compliance framework
  • Internal auditing support

Learning and development

  • Specific face-to-face training on-site at Service Partners
  • Development of training materials for other programs not contracted to CoAct

Customer acquisition

  • Website management
  • Digital management
  • PR and communications

Technology, data and reporting

  • Customised reporting
  • Recruitment
  • Outsourced recruitment and selection service

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