Working with you

CoAct supports our Service Partners to improve services, share knowledge, provide best practice guidance and design innovative solutions for our customers.

A unique model

At a national level, CoAct works alongside each Service Partner to improve services, share knowledge, provide best practice guidance and design innovative solutions for our employers and customers.


Acting locally as a CoAct Service Partner, you are the employment expert who knows your community, the local job market and is well connected with local employers and support services.

Maintain your identity

CoAct Service Partners know their unique community, what works for them and that one size doesn’t fit all. But CoAct’s national reach allows us to share our knowledge through the network.


For Service Partners who want a sustainable and prospering organisation, we can help you find new business or funding, connect you with partners, share group services and drive performance – while preserving your individual identity.

A focus on innovation and excellence

As a network CoAct fosters pilot programs that are carefully planned, connected with partners, resourced and tracked. Our strength lies in inspiring members to solve problems in new ways and improving their practices and processes. We find new ways to help Australia’s most in-need, such as:

  • Developing a program to help move people with an intellectual disability transition from supported employment into the mainstream employment market
  • Learning that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers experience a higher success rate when they are a paired with a mentor
  • Creating a training program that uses at-risk boys’ love of smash-up derbies to teach them the panel beating trade and get them off the streets

Our national reach allows us to share our knowledge. So, if it works in Melbourne, it might work in Brisbane – and it’s our job to see if it does.

A values-based culture

CoAct Service Partners are not-for-profit and/or community-benefit organisations with strong links to their local communities and an excellent track record in delivering local services.

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Service to meet your business needs

We offer a collaborative partnership model, with CoAct serving as your network manager to provide leadership in the delivery of consistent, quality services and value beyond your contract.

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Industry leading employment services

Working together we make a difference in the lives of everyday Australians through Employment Service contracts and Social Enterprises.

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Fee-for-service options

CoAct offers a unique model that is well-equipped to adapt and thrive in this fast-changing environment, with a range of additional fee-for-service options on request.

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