At MTC, we provide people the support they need to create the life they want to lead. We’re here to inspire people from all walks of life to discover, and achieve, their ambitions.

If you’re looking for work and living with a mental health condition, treated illness, injury or disability, we can help. MTC, in partnership with CoAct, is one of Australia’s largest providers of Disability Employment Services (DES).
At MTC, our focus is you. Our vision is to shape a society where everyone has the means and motivation to create a life of their choosing. We’re here to connect employers with talented workers living with a disability, helping jobseekers and businesses to achieve their goals. It can be tough for individuals with disabilities to find a job, but with a provider like us, you’ll have access to all the support you need to get back to work.

“They listen and have a supportive and accommodating approach to my special needs.”

– Peter, Parramatta

“Great customer service and advice. My employment consultant is reassuring, compassionate, listens and is helpful.”

– Fiona, Sutherland

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