Transition from student life to working life

The process of adjusting to life after studying as a student can often be a difficult and stressful time. With many students finishing their studies with high-class degrees, the market for job opportunities and work experience has become quite saturated. This makes it difficult for many to find a job in their field of study.

As Rimal was finishing off his final full-time studies in aviation management, he realised he needed to gain relevant work experience in his field of study. With no relevant Australian experience in the aviation industry, Rimal found himself struggling to successfully enter and gain employment in this competitive industry. Despite this, Rimal was eager to succeed and so he enlisted the help and support of the Bridge to Work program.


Creating a starting point for job applications

Impressed with Rimal’s desire to succeed and his positivity towards finding employment, Gavin, Employment Support Coordinator, dedicated one-on-one time to Rimal’s employment case to ensure the Bridge to Work program fulfilled and understood his employment needs and interests.

For any job process, the starting point begins with a well-written, put together resume. Gavin worked with Rimal to help him rewrite his resume to showcase his education, skills and work-experience relevant to the desired roles that Rimal would be applying for. With appropriate volunteer experience with Bridge Housing and a degree in aviation management, Rimal had a solid starting base to start applying for related roles in the aviation industry and Gavin began to help him in applying for part-time roles.


Building work-experience

As Rimal had minimal work experience in the aviation industry, Gavin devised a strategy for Rimal that would potentially allow him to progress further in a company once he ‘got his foot in through door.’ Gavin and the team targeted one of the biggest airlines in Australia, Qantas, and Rimal sent a job application for a baggage handler role. Successful in his application and through to the final reference stage, Rimal’s volunteer work experience helped secure the job for him, as his volunteering supervisor at Bridge Housing, provided a glowing reference.


Although, the role secured was not directly related to Rimal’s studies, the role provided experience in the aviation industry as a means of building up a strong resume to help Rimal in his future career progression. Impressed with the ongoing support from Gavin and the team at Bridge to Work, Rimal noted –


 “I am delighted with the opportunities that Bridge to Work have opened up to me. Working with a large organisation such as Qantas will help me fulfill my career aspirations in the future and has also provided me with financial independence.”



About Bridge to Work

The Bridge to Work team work with Bridge Housing tenants to help develop their work-readiness and support them as they transition into the workforce. If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant and would like to find work you can register your interest online at, or contact your housing manager for a referral.


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