CoAct is a national leader in employment and community services. If a student is currently in year 10, 11 or 12, and keen to get a head start in their career, CoAct can help. We can also provide specialised employment assistance to students with disability, illness or injury through Disability Employment Services (DES).

Opening the door to a world of opportunity

At CoAct, we recognise that for people to achieve their dreams they need great support – and that’s where we can help.

Support for students with disability

CoAct works closely with schools and students to find practical solutions that help individuals make great choices. Our service is ideal for students who are still at school and unsure about what they would like to do when they leave. We work with students and their high schools to help individuals identify the most suitable pathway for them, by helping to:

  •  Identify goals
  •  Research options
  •  Plan an approach

While students are still at school, CoAct can help individuals to get job-ready, find a job and provide ongoing support once they leave school and start their employment journey. We’re also with people every step of the way so that they feel in control and confident in the workplace.

Finding suitable work

CoAct specialist staff are experienced in helping people find their ideal job. We have strong connections with local employers, understand the types of roles that would suit individuals, and can often find those ‘hidden’ jobs out there.

Help to get job-ready

We create individualised plans for students to gain access to a range of support, services and training so they become qualified, confident and job ready. We can sharpen up resumes, provide interview tips and set up any training to ensure a smooth transition into a new role.

Workplace support

CoAct works closely with employers to help them understand disabilities and how to make people feel comfortable at work. We can also access funding for specialised equipment, tools and workplace modifications that will help students hit the ground running once they secure employment.

With you every step of the way

CoAct helps people achieve their goal of further education, training or employment and continues to offer support until an individual has successfully transitioned and feels they no longer need us.


If a student has disability, an illness or injury and is currently in year 10, 11 or 12, and keen to get a head-start in their career, CoAct can help.


Make a referral

Making a referral is easy. You can choose to refer an individual to us directly or with their consent call and chat to us about the best approach to help their situation.


Online referrals can be made here.


For more information on youth-specific programs visit our Youth Employment page or Disability Employment Services page.

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