Disability Support Service

CoAct is a leader in providing specialist help for people with disability, illness or injury to find and keep a job. We are one of the largest providers of the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) and work with Referral Partners to deliver the best outcome for job seekers, regardless of their situation.

Disability Employment Services

We deliver two types of Disability Employment Services:

  • Disability Management Service: This service is for people with disability, illness, or injury who need the help of an employment service but do not expect to need long-term support in the workplace.
  • Employment Support Service: This service is for people with a permanent disability and an assessed need for longer term, regular support in the workplace.

Am I eligible?

If you:

  • Have been employed for at least 3 months
  • Are currently working at least 8 hours per week (not including recently reduced hours due to the impact of your illness, injury or disability)
  • Are looking to return to full capacity at work

…then it’s likely you are eligible for our FREE service!


Submit a referral

CoAct partners are working in your community now to provide local opportunities and support for your patients. When you choose to refer to CoAct, you are connecting with our national network of specialists focused on sharing innovative solutions to local issues.


Making a referral is easy and can be made by an individual, employer, parent, Referral Partner or other community partner.


Simply contact us here.

Partnering for better client care

CoAct’s network of specialists partner with GPs and allied health professionals to deliver tailored Disability Employment Services programs to support you and your patient.


Our consultative approach brings Referral Partners, individuals and all stakeholders together with one goal in mind – supporting a person with the right services and resources, so they can enjoy the benefits of sustainable and meaningful employment.

Help for parents of teenagers with a disability

At CoAct, we understand that helping your teenager make decisions about their career and the pathways to achieving their goals can be challenging. We know it can be difficult to navigate training courses, find employment that suit their needs and manage the expectations of both your teenager and a potential employer.


Our network of specialists across Australia are here to help. We believe in offering choice and control in decisions regarding a young person’s future and ensure that their needs are properly met.

Immediate, tailored, face-to-face support

CoAct’s consultative approach brings you, your teenager and all stakeholders together with one goal in mind – supporting them to achieve their career goals, so they can enjoy the benefits of sustainable and meaningful employment. We help students with individualised support in:

  • Vocational counselling and assessment
  • Finding ‘hidden’ jobs
  • Workplace assessment
  • Support at work
  • Support for employers

Is health impacting your employees?

As an employer, you may be able to access tailored job support and funding to support employees having difficulty maintaining their performance due to an injury, illness or disability. That’s where we can help.


When an employee has an injury, illness or disability that is affecting their performance at work, CoAct employment specialists can support your business by providing tailored work assistance to help a person feel in control and confident at work, and ensure that you get to retain your valued staff.


How can CoAct help your business?

We offer tailored solutions to help you support your staff and get them back to optimum performance in the workplace, including advice on:

  • Workplace modifications
  • Government incentives
  • Wages subsidies

We also offer individualised job design, workforce development and planning, return-to- work strategies as well as helping employees access funded allied health solutions and complimentary services that will return them to work faster with better outcomes for everyone involved.


Support for individuals already employed

From time to time we can all hit hurdles in life that can create challenges at work. So, if you have an illness, injury or disability that places you at risk of losing your job in the immediate future, then you need to get in touch with us now for this FREE service!


CoAct specialists will help you manage the impact that your illness, injury or disability is having on your job and find solutions to help you keep your job.

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What help can CoAct provide?

Immediate tailored assistance is available, and our consultants will be with you every step of the way to organise:

  • A comprehensive workplace assessment
  • Free workplace modifications or special equipment
  • Advice about job redesign
  • Support in the workplace to help manage the impact of the illness, injury or disability

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