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See how CoAct and Referral Partners including GPs, allied health professionals, schools and employers work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for individuals and communities Australia-wide.

Shared expertise and focus

The CoAct network and our Referral Partners are a powerful combination of shared expertise and focus. Through our successful collaboration we can demonstrate a strong track record of providing the right support to improve the lives of individuals and communities across Australia.


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Aiden got his dream job

“Aiden lives on the Queensland Sunshine Coast and has Autism. He found it tough getting through Year 11. But, with the help of CoAct and our Service Partner – Community Solutions, Aiden completed a Community Solutions SQW work skills course and a five-day work experience program with a local computer company. Now he’s working two days a week repairing computers – his dream job!”

Darren’s successful return to work

“Darren, an electrician for a mining company, was electrocuted in an accident on the jobsite. While he improved physically, his mental health was impacted; he began self-medicating, was anxious and unmotivated to return to the workforce.


A CoAct Consultant worked with Darren and his GP to develop a health maintenance program. With CoAct’s support, Darren participated in a work-skills master classes and started to attend job interviews.


Darren was provided with interview- appropriate clothing, supported on the day of interviews with transport and encouragement. Darren found full-time work and is getting his finances back under control. He is now positive and leading a healthier lifestyle, proudly telling his Consultant that he has ceased his drug use.”

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