Rachel’s main reasons for support are hearing loss, intellectual disability, anxiety and communication challenges. Over time Rachel lost confidence in herself and her abilities. Through DES-ESS, she was paired with employment consultant Terri-Ann from CoAct/Community Solutions Mackay.

Rachel found the right job for her condition

When we started helping Rachel look for a job, she wasn’t sure exactly where she wanted to work. We helped her into some work experience with Coles and Subway. She then tried Kmart and decided that’s where she felt at ease.

With hearing challenges, Rachel discovered that store presentation is a great role for her. Making sure the store is tidy and well-presented allows Rachel to do her job well without becoming overwhelmed by noise.

When noise gets too much, she needs to find a quiet place. When Rachel came out of COVID isolation, she struggled with noise. Terri-Ann always makes sure they meet somewhere peaceful, like Our Mates Place. This helps Rachel manage her environment.

In a world where jobs don’t always last, Rachel’s celebrating her 10 year anniversary

Terri-Ann said the moment she saw Rachel at work with her 10-year badge on, she was so proud. Rachel has been working casually for Kmart, usually two days per week.

Rachel’s confidence has grown enormously and she recently approached Terri-Ann with the goal to work another shift each week. They were able to secure that with her employer.

Rachel’s personal growth

Terri-Ann knows that Rachel is going to continue to grow and flourish. She’s built confidence in herself, increased her shifts, and is enjoying her role. She’s even increased her ability to joke with those around her. She’s been learning such valuable life skills through this experience.

The next step: another night a week or working towards a permanent role

Thanks to the ongoing support she’s received to develop her self-belief and confidence, Rachel’s working future looks strong. She may want to do another night a week or become permanent.

We asked Rachel what her advice is to those looking for a job. She said, “Try your hardest. And if you don’t succeed, try again”.

If you’d like one of our team to give you a call to talk through whether the Disability Employment Services (DES) program is right for you, register here. Not only are we there for you when you’re looking for a job, we’re also able to support you to keep the role and thrive in it.

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