You told us what’s important to you, and we listened. We’re excited to launch our new customer promise. This sums up our network’s commitment to customers. It’s our rule book that ensures we continue to deliver exceptional service and results for our customers.

We start with you.

That means we listen. Genuinely listen.
We want to understand you, your situation and needs.
We’re honest and friendly. We smile.

We respect you.

That means we do what we say we’ll do.
We won’t disclose anything without your consent.
We know your time is important, we won’t waste it.

We’re on your side.

We aim to make looking for work easier and take away the stress.
We’re here to find you the best job possible.
We support you in your work, so you stay employed.

We’re open.

That means you can ask us questions, or for help to fix things.
We want to know what we can improve. Your voice matters.
We show you compassion. You deserve it.

This is our promise to you – because you matter. And we care.

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