As an early school leaver who had been unemployed for the better part of a year, Mandy’s confidence had taken a hit. She was frustrated by her job search and just wanted someone to give her a chance. She was working hard to find a job but wasn’t receiving responses from employers when she applied for work.


Teaching skills that get you noticed

Mandy joined the jobactive program at Settlement Services International and the team helped her to create a resume and cover letter that would get her noticed by potential employers. They also taught her some valuable job search skills and referred her onto some employers who they felt would be a good match for her.


Mandy had communicated an interest in working in either hospitality or warehousing, so when a position at the Booktopia warehouse became available, the team recommended that she apply for the job.


Mandy finally gets her chance

With her new resume and cover letter, Mandy was able to get the attention of the recruitment team at Booktopia and was called in for a job interview. Mandy is now employed at the Booktopia warehouse and is thrilled to finally be working again!


“I’d like to thank the team at Settlement Services for giving me a chance, I’m finally able to start achieving my goals and am on my way to being financially independent.”


Get support to get noticed

If you’re feeling frustrated by your job search and would like to get noticed by the right employers, contact the friendly CoAct team today to find out how we can help.

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