His initial appointments with his Youth Coach, Helena, were over the phone which suited him really well. Along with a psychologist, she was able to offer him the support he needed to move through his anxiety, put together a plan for the future and, ultimately, leave the house on his own.


One of Helena’s first recommendations was to enrol Lucas on a 5-week workshop to help him grow his mindset, build his resilience and open himself up to new opportunities. A unique offer through CoAct / Youth Project, this suite of Esher House workshops was transformational.


“The workshop made me feel more motivated,” says Lucas. “It encouraged me to do things I’d never thought of doing before.”


The online learning explored big things like feelings of anxiety, positivity and failure, resilience and goals. It also covered practical topics like how to put together a resume and get ready for a job interview.

Towards the end of the workshop, Helena suggested that Lucas came into the office for their first face-to face appointment. She recognised the change in him and said, “You’ve got this, Lucas, I believe in you.”


While Lucas felt anxious, he knew Helena was only a phone call away and he made it to their appointment. And that’s been just the beginning. Not long after, he left the house to celebrate the end of his workshop with the other students.


“Knowing that I’ve had Helena’s support has really helped me.” Lucas says. “I’ve now enrolled in a Cert III in Information Technology and have got my Learner’s Permit. I’m so much happier. I’ve got a focus, things to do and am busy.”


When Melbourne’s most recent lockdown was announced, even Lucas felt frustrated. He’s got so used to going out, learning and socialising and didn’t want to be a recluse again.


We asked Lucas what his message to other jobseekers would be. “Do the best you can, even if it’s at a really slow pace. And don’t be afraid to reach out for support, there are plenty of people willing to help you.”


If you’re living with a treated mental health condition, you could be eligible for support through Transition to Work or Disability Employment Services. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help find the right job, call us on 1800 226 228 or register online.

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