First up, take a deep breath


This year has been full on – take a minute to stop and breathe. With bushfires, floods and COVID-19, allow yourself some space to stop. And know that it’s okay to feel anxious, sad, mad or unsure about the future.

Taking some time to sit in the moment and not think about anything will help get you in the right headspace for big decisions. Download a meditation or mindfulness app – we love Smiling Mind and Insight Timer, and they’re both free. Find a calm space, log out of social media and switch off your brain.

Remember, you’re not alone


You may feel like you’re the only one that hasn’t everything figured out, but you’re far from alone. Take comfort in knowing that lots of young people have walked this path before and are walking it right now with you.

According to Year 13’s After The ATAR III report, 94 percent of the survey respondents felt it was important to like their job. It follows that finding the right job can feel stressful. The young people surveyed also said:

  • 51% said figuring out their future was their biggest struggle right now
  • 36% didn’t feel in control of their future
  • 66% said they suffer from anxiety as a result of being stressed about their future.

Let experts help you find some answers


Getting some expert guidance is a great way to understand your options. If you’re living with a disability, mental health condition, treated illness or injury, you may be eligible for our Disability Employment Services. We’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your passions and skills. Then we’ll help you design a path to the right job for you, connecting you to the right training and supports along the way. We even stick around once you’re in a job to make sure you’re thriving at work.

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Consider an apprenticeship or traineeship


There’s a massive focus on getting young Australians into work through apprenticeships and traineeships right now. You’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification while getting paid on-the-job training. You can read more about the benefits and options around apprenticeships and traineeships for young people here.

Jump right into work


If you’re not interested in further study, that’s cool too. You can get stuck right in. As the economy continues to recover after COVID-19, more jobs are being advertised. You’ll gain valuable skills, financial independence and a whole new network of people in your life.

Surrender and enjoy the process


No matter what you’re thinking, trying not to worry and staying positive will help you enjoy the process way more. Sounds cliched, we know, but it’s true. Remember you have age on your side and plenty of opportunities to weave a colourful, fulfilled and meaningful working life.

Plus, with CoAct by your side as your Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, you’ll have the personalised support you need every step of the way. Check if you’re eligible for DES.

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