Introducing Kelsey

In the third short film we meet Kelsey, a young woman who is keenly aware of just how difficult life can be. Kelsey was born, along with her twin sister, at just 24 weeks. From the moment she was born Kelsey had to fight for life. She survived, but as a result of her prematurity at birth she was left with a moderate intellectual disability which impacts her ability to process information.

Kelsey struggles with poor numeracy, has difficulty following instructions and trouble understanding social cues, but she hasn’t let that stop her.






Thanks to the dedicated support of her recruitment team, as well as her own trademark strength and determination, Kelsey eventually found a position at VCAT – in a workplace that actively works to celebrate diversity – and she is thriving.

Thanks to her success in the role she has reached some important personal milestones including purchasing a new car and starting a Diploma in Legal Studies.


VCAT leading the change

VCAT is part of Victoria’s court and tribunal system, and they finalise more than 85,000 cases a year. VCAT aspires to be an employer of choice for people with disability.

In February 2018 they launched their “Accessibility Action Plan” which laid out how they could better assist people with disability to gain access to the tribunal, and how they could provide them with a more supportive and inclusive workplace.




“We want our workforce to better reflect the one in four Victorians with disability. Employing people with disability directly leads to a more inclusive culture.

It breaks down barriers and myths, as people gain understanding when working together. We make necessary adjustments to support people with disability in their positions and we are rolling out disability awareness training to all our workforce”.


Want to get involved in the movement for change in disability employment? Watch Kelsey’s story here and find out how you can help #changethestory.


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