Karleen takes the first step

Karleen connected with Bridge to Work employment support coordinator Gavin Marks, who was immediately impressed with her motivation and enthusiasm. Gavin helped Karleen to revise her resume and set to work helping her find opportunity pathways within her local indigenous community.


Karleen finds her place

Thanks to the support from the Bridge to Work program, Karleen was successful in obtaining part-time employment with Tribal Warrior, where she is busy teaching young Indigenous children about their heritage and local history.


I’m so appreciative of the support and coaching I received from the Bridge to Work team. They gave me the motivation I needed to apply for community supported roles and helped me find the work I wanted within the Indigenous community.



It’s a match!

The team at Tribal Warrior are thrilled with Karleen. They say she is a hard worker, with excellent customer service skills and is always willing to take direction and advice. Karleen is enjoying the role, and the Bridge to Work team are offering continued support and job coaching to ensure that Karleen has continued success in the role.


About Bridge to Work

Bridge Housing – an award-winning community housing provider in metropolitan Sydney has partnered with employment services provider CoAct to bring you Bridge to Work. The Bridge to Work program is available to Bridge Housing tenants aged 17 – 60 and aims to provide intensive case management and one-on-one support to assist and motivate tenants in their search for work.


The Bridge to Work team work with Bridge Housing tenants to help develop their work-readiness and support them as they transition into the workforce. If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant and would like to find work you can register your interest online or contact your housing manager for a referral.


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