Why choose CoAct?

At CoAct, we start with you. We help people find a job they enjoy and want to stay in. With a network of teams in over 350 locations, CoAct is a not-for-profit and one of Australia’s leading employment services providers.

Our promise to you

You told us what’s important to you, and we listened. This is our promise to you – because you matter. And we care.

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We start with you.

That means we listen. Genuinely listen.
We want to understand you, your situation and needs.
We’re honest and friendly. We smile.

We respect you.

That means we do what we say we’ll do.
We won’t disclose anything without your consent.
We know your time is important, we won’t waste it.

We’re on your side.

We aim to make looking for work easier and take away the stress.
We’re here to find you the best job possible.
We support you in your work, so you stay employed.

We’re open.

That means you can ask us questions, or for help to fix things.
We want to know what we can improve. Your voice matters.
We show you compassion. You deserve it.

This is our promise to you – because you matter. And we care.

Get the support you need

Get the support you need
We’ll help you find a job that you enjoy and want to stay in.

  • Put together a plan for finding work.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Get help to find and apply for jobs.
  • Understand your local employment market.
  • Connect with potential employers and support services.
  • Understand the funding you’re eligible for.
Let's get started

Feel confident with our team of specialists

We’ve worked with people from all walks of life and understand how different each of us are. We’ll spend time getting to know you so we can help you find work, or skills development, that fits.


With specialists all over Australia, we’ll connect you with local community services, medical professionals, employers and training opportunities.

National reach with a local focus

We work in partnership with your local employment services provider who has strong connections in your local community. They’ll introduce you to employers, training organisations, community services and medical specialists.


CoAct knits together employment service providers from all over the country, ensuring each team receives the latest in training and support. This keeps standards and performance strong and drives innovation.


Together we transform lives through employment.


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Your employment needs are our number one priority

Find out why job seekers and employers across Australia are choosing CoAct as their trusted employment services provider.

“My employment consultant is very helpful, approachable and genuinely listens to my concerns and questions. I have learned so much and gained confidence.”
– Tammy, jobseeker

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