Employment support for people on the Disability Support Pension (DSP)

If you’re currently receiving the Disability Support Pension (DSP), we can help you find and keep a job.

Through Disability Employment Services (DES), we offer DSP job seekers intensive and tailored support to build the skills you need for open employment.

Working on the DSP: Your questions answered

Many people who register with employment services are worried they’ll lose their Disability Support Pension (DSP) if they work and earn an income. This isn’t always true.


People who receive the Disability Support Pension are encouraged to build independence through work.


The DSP employment facts

  • In most cases you can earn up to $180 a week from paid work and continue to receive your full DSP.
  • If you earn more than $180 through paid work, your DSP payment is reduced by 40 cents for every dollar you earn over $180.
  • In most cases you can work up to 29 hours a week and continue to receive part of your DSP.


Learn more by reading our DSP blog article: 5 Key Facts about working and the Disability Support Pension.

Working more than 30 hours on DSP

Your DSP will reduce to zero for every week you work over 30 hours. If you continuously work over 30 hours a week for a year, your DSP will be suspended.


However, the payment is held open for up to two years in case you need to access it again. You can contact Centrelink if this happens and tell them about your change in employment. Your payments will then start again.


If you lose your DSP because you’re continuously working more than 30 hours a week, you’ll still be able to use your Concession Card for one year after your DSP payments stop.


You can learn more about the DSP rules on the Services Australia website.

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Through Disability Employment Services (DES), we’ll help you find, keep and change jobs. Together, we’ll:


  • put together a tailored job plan that matches your interests and abilities
  • build your confidence
  • find and apply for jobs
  • understand your local employment market
  • connect with potential employers and support services
  • understand the funding you’re eligible for
  • manage your working hours, report your income to Centrelink and keep your DSP.


We’ve worked with people from all walks of life and understand how different each of us are. We’ll spend time getting to know you so we can help you find work, or skills development, that fits.


We’ve helped find work for over 10,000 people through DES.

Real Story: Sam finds purpose preparing for a job while on the DSP

When Sam* first visited CoAct Service Partner, Interact Australia, he was keen to find work but with no employment history, work experience or career goals he was unsure about how to go about it.


As the recipient of a Disability Support Pension there were no compulsory requirements for Sam to work, but he felt that finding a job would make a difference to his quality of life.


“Sam’s Mum Jenny is thrilled to see the progress Sam has made as he becomes ready to enter the workforce”. Lisa – DES Employment Consultant, Interact Australia


Read Sam’s story here.

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