Josh follows his passion

Josh has had a passion for computers since childhood. He had built computers with his father as a young child and was interested in learning more, but without the confidence to approach employers, he wasn’t sure where to begin looking for work in the industry.


The Interact team at Christies Beach could see that Josh was committed to learning as much as possible if it meant he could work with computers, so they set to work. The team updated his resume, gave him the skills to confidently tackle the job application process, helped him learn some face-to-face marketing skills and connected him with employers within the IT industry.


Making valuable connections

Thanks to his anxiety, Josh wasn’t very comfortable contacting employers directly, but when the Interact team met David from DP Computing at a networking event, they knew they’d found a great match for Josh.


They spoke with David about Josh’s situation and discussed the possibility of placing Josh in a traineeship or finding him some casual employment with the company. After some negotiation, the DP Computers team agreed to give Josh four weeks of on-site work experience.


It’s all a step in the right direction

Josh is currently enjoying his placement at DP Computers. He is gaining valuable industry experience and his confidence has increased dramatically as a result of the opportunity. The employer has expressed interest in keeping Josh ‘on-call’ for future jobs, but even if the placement doesn’t result in regular employment, Josh is thrilled to have gained a deeper understanding of the industry and to have a referral from within the industry to help him with future applications.


Josh feels ready to achieve his goals

We asked Josh how he felt about his progress and here’s what he said:

“Rebecca and Interact at large have been a great help to me personally and professionally as a result of my ongoing appointments. I feel that I am finally in a place to achieve my goals.”


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