Introducing the CoAct Campus

New to the world of employment services and wondering how CoAct and our Service Partners will help you find a job?​ We’ve wrapped up how to use The Campus in order get the most out of it to make you job ready. 

We aim to empower you to find a job by connecting you to sepcialised training, tools, resources and a range of ongoing support channels. So that you can drive your personalised job search to quickly find work.​

In each section, you’ll find useful information on the employment market, job preparation tips, job boards, training courses using The Classroom, expert advice from the industry, wellbeing and more. Plus you can connect with the job seeking community to share experiences, ask questions and get advice.​


CoAct has partnered registered training organisation, Alffie to develop the Campus Classroom.  

The Classroom is where you will be able to; 

  • Design your learning and professional development plan.
  • Access accredited online training courses.
  • Build your CV, using the resume builder tool.
  • Find local job vacancies with jobs board.

To access all the great tools available in The Classroom you will need to link your account to Alffie.


How do I link my account to Alffie?

1. When you first sign up, you’ll receive and email with your login details. 

2. Once registered, create a password, then verify your email address. After your first visit, you will not need to use your password each time you visit the Classroom from the Campus unless you change the device you log in from.

3. Then you’re ready to start.


How to use Alffie

Create a tailored training program in an area that interests you to develop your skills. You can access the courses anytime, with a variety of skill levels to select, there is a course for everyone.

To get started, simply enrol.

This will enable you to select from a wide range of training packages which include a selection of accredited and professional development training modules with a retail value of  valued at up to $600 for $200 – we cover the $200!. You can choose courses from Retail, Business, Hospitality, Warehousing, and a variety of other industry and personal development packages and the bonus is, we will fund your first course selection.

Simply add the module(s) by selecting a bundle for the training course(s) you’d like to do and submit.

Click the My Training icon to complete, with step-by-step directions to assist with your learning.


We hope you make the most of the tools to bring this knowledge together to help set your employment goals.  

Rest assured, we’re here to provide support along the way. Contact us with any questions or if you need a hand with job searching, local employment information or support. We’ll check-in with you regularly.​

Be sure to check back often to see exciting new features, brand new articles, post a thought, learn through videos and training courses to put you in the best place in finding work.

The Campus is brand new and we’re still improving it, so any feedback you may have is most welcome. Reach out to us online via chatcontact us button or email [email protected].

We hope you enjoy all the resources on offer.