Pilot programs

At CoAct, we believe in home-grown innovation and use pilot programs to test out new ideas on how to improve our communities.

Excellence in Innovation

Pilot programs are the perfect way to test new ideas as part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. CoAct evaluates all pilot programs to see what worked and what could be done better.


Our learnings are then fed back into current and future programs and the successful pilot programs are replicated across the country to deliver improved quality services to even more Australians.

Strengthening communities

CoAct understands that each community has its own unique challenges which stimulates new thinking.

  • We invest in community programs which are sometimes unfunded, but which deliver essential services that would not otherwise exist
  • We work closely with local communities to find new ways to help and discover better ways of delivering and funding existing services
  • Pilot programs are then carefully planned, connected with partners, resourced and track

CoAct Pilot Programs

Bridge to Work
In partnership with Bridge Housing – an award-winning Community Housing Provider, CoAct is providing greater opportunity to Bridge Housing tenants who currently live in social housing on very low incomes. Residents come from very diverse backgrounds with large representations of CALD, refugees and Indigenous with over half not currently in work.

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Our commitment to continuous improvement

CoAct’s ability to innovate has been made possible by listening closely and identifying the needs and strengths of our job seekers, tailoring the assistance we provide and collaborating with our research partners to develop new pilot programs to help continually improve our service offerings.

Got an idea?

If you have an idea for a pilot program that could improve our service and make an impact in communities across Australia, then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with the CoAct team today.

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