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CoAct is a leader in problem solving and innovative thinking with a long-standing reputation for creating innovation and excellence through effective collaborations with research partners.

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By partnering researchers with innovators, practitioners, policymakers, our members, Service Partners and our clients, our approach ensures our research matches the needs and priorities of those we are trying to help.

Our Research Partners

CoAct has been successful in winning a grant through the Australian Research Council (ARC) to undertake a landmark study of how informal and formal networks of unemployed Australians affect their odds of gaining employment.


The study, which is in its final year, is about discovering evidence-based solutions to increase wellbeing and employability among Australia’s unemployed.


Researchers have focused on the long-term unemployed and youth job seekers, two groups that are seen as the most disadvantaged in the Australian labour market.

Read more about the ARC informal networks study

Impact reports

In 20 years+ of being change makers and inspiring others to be change makers CoAct has helped over 750,000 people and it’s a number that’s growing every day.


For a better understanding of our impact and performance read more about the latest CoAct Impact Reports.

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CoAct aims to make effective use of our research using the findings to help improve its services as well as offer recommendations to government, employers and industry on effective ways to improve the employability of job seekers. For more information or to get involved, get in touch with us today.

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