Holistic Intensive Support for Motivation and Work

By providing holistic, intensive, motivational support, CoAct assists injured workers on their journey to to sustainably re-engage with work and improve their well-being and empowerment.

Support to return to work after sustaining a workplace injury

We understand that returning to work and a sense of normality after sustaining an injury can be challenging or daunting. This is exacerbated when your injury prevents your return to a work role or life role you previously enjoyed. By providing targeted motivational support we assist you to navigate the challenges, reconnect with important work networks and build your self-esteem and confidence.

Get the support you need to make a positive change

Too many injured workers become unintentionally long-term unemployed. As time out of work lengthens, other issues often arise making the task of moving forward even more difficult. Support that helps you increase motivation, deal with setbacks, and build job-readiness can make a huge difference to your success.

Getting you back on track

Rebuild and strengthen the foundations that will help you return to normal life after a workplace injury. We can help you with:

  • An earlier, sustainable return to work
  • Improved well-being and empowerment along the way
  • Improved intrinsic motivation for work and life
  • Improved engagement with work and job-readiness
  • A better match to a new job or employer
  • Ongoing support once you’re back at work

New employment opportunities

Unable to return to your pre-injury role or workplace? We understand and can help you navigate your vocational options, arrange training and up-skilling, help to identify alternative employment opportunities and provide ongoing support once you’ve found a job.

A unique partnership

CoAct is proud to partner with icare Foundation in implementing this innovative program that supports those experiencing significant setbacks on their recovery and return-to-work journey.


HISM+Work is funded through icare Foundation’s WorkUp fund – a $5 million fund for programs that support and empower workers to overcome the barriers that affect returning to work.


Our vision is to provide support that allows participants to return to work sustainably, with increased well-being and empowerment.

Download our brochures

We can help you get back to work sooner because we have more people working to help you. Download the brochure for workers and for treating doctors.

Get the support you need today

For more information on this program and eligibility, contact:
Shaun Cronin
0417 438 641
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