Upgrading your devices is a strategic part of sticking to your new year’s resolutions and whether you’re looking for a new job or prepping a kid for their first year at high school, a new laptop and accessories can go a long way towards starting off on the right foot.

But, even with the Boxing Day sales it’s an incredibly tight time of year to be adding big purchases into the mix, which is why we’re breaking down a couple of very clever money saving hacks.

Read on to find out how you can get the devices of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

Try a not-for-profit or social enterprise

As a not-for-profit organisation ourselves we recently partnered with the friendly team at WorkVentures to pull together a starter kit to help promote our new job tips email for jobseekers looking for work.  It turns out we loved the service so much that we thought we’d share their work with you.

WorkVentures is Australia’s leading IT social enterprise, providing technology solutions to empower Individuals on their mission to create vibrant inclusive communities.

They’re motivated by the fact that not everyone in this country has the same financial means, relevant skills or access to digital technology to be able to feel digitally included. So they’re creating access to technology for all and mastering computer literacy within our communities to people enjoy their independence within socially inclusive communities.

Their devices are affordable, reliable, leading brands, donated by their corporate partners, refurbish and sold complete with warranty. All profits are then reinvested into digital inclusion strategies and programs for young people.

Take a look at refurbished computers

Speaking of refurbished computers, the parents in the CoAct team offered up this great piece of advice for anyone preparing a kid for high school. If you’re torn between spending extra for quality or keeping it simple with o and cheerful since it’s going to be bounced around a bit in year 7, then the refurbished route could be for you.

Much like the WorkVentures devices mentioned above, refurbished devices have had new life breathed into them and come compete with a warranty. For the best experience we recommend researching a seller with great reviews for both devices and customer service.

Benefits include doing something green for the environment, and saving up to 50% off the cost of a new laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.

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