How to find work in Mackay

29 November 2018

How to find work in Mackay

From healthcare to retail, construction to manufacturing, Mackay has a host of great opportunities for those looking for work, you just need to know where (and when) to look.


Tips for finding work in Mackay


1. Know the area
The top five industries in the Mackay area are healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, education and training, construction and manufacturing. So, if you work in those industries – or would like to – Mackay is a great place to be.

Tourism is a huge part of the economy in Mackay and the tourism industry currently employs about 3,700 people in the area. The industry is booming – with a 15.2% growth in the last year, businesses in that industry are consistently seeking staff.


2. Choose your time wisely

Finding work in Mackay is often a matter of timing. If you’re looking for seasonal farm work in the area, it’s important to apply at the right time. The main crop in the area is sugar cane, and the sugar cane season runs from June through to November. If seasonal farming work is your goal you should avoid the area between December to February.

The right timing isn’t just about seasonal work. The time of day you apply matters too, particularly if you’re applying for hospitality or retail positions. If you show up at a cafe in the middle of the lunch rush you’re going to have trouble finding someone to give you their time, instead arrive during their quiet periods so that there’s time to chat.


3. Dress appropriately

Mackay – and Queensland in general – is a pretty relaxed place, and you’ll often see people dressed very casually, but don’t let the amazing beaches fool you, you can’t effectively look for work looking like you just came from the beach.

Travellers in particular often have a limited wardrobe and make the mistake of dressing too casually during their job search. It’s important that employers are able to picture you in a professional setting, so make sure you dress appropriately during your job search.


4. Where to look

CoAct’s Service Partner, Community Solutions, has several sites around the Mackay area, and they can offer you friendly, personalised support to find the right job sooner. Pick up the local paper – the Daily Mercury – to take a look at the job listings (or take a look at their website online). Retail businesses and cafes or restaurants often post job adverts in the window of their establishments so take a walk through the centre and look around and see if anyone is hiring.


5. Make connections

Mackay is known for being a very friendly place, so a great way to find employment is to talk to people. Locals and travellers alike are a great source of information about the region and often even if they can’t help you find work, they can help point you in the right direction of someone who might be looking for staff, so don’t be afraid to make connections!


Mackay has a lot of opportunities available for people looking for work, whether you’re a local looking to build a career, or a traveller looking to fund the next sector of your trip, there are employment opportunities to fit your needs.

Need more help? Contact our team to find out how we can get you into work sooner!

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