Just picture what it would take to replace a stay at home parent or care giver – these are the very skills and experience you’ve developed without even realising it.  So, if you’re keen to venture back into the workforce – or just thinking about it – let’s take a closer look at the amazing things you have to offer that will look great on your resume.


4 skills you can put on your resume after a parenting career gap


  1. Juggling school drop offs, after school activities, meal times and more leads to effective time management

As a parent you have to juggle a lot of priorities at once (often with strict deadlines), so you learn how to manage your time well. You see meeting the needs of everyone in the family requires serious attention to detail, and after a year or two of parenting you’ve probably got that down pat.


  1. What’s for dinner? Is there milk in the fridge? Who needs to be where?

Even something (that seems) as simple as planning a meal can be a complicated affair. With navigating food likes and dislikes, sneaking veggies into meals, making shopping lists and keeping an eye out for supermarket specials to work with your budget, you’ve learned some in-demand planning skills that will appeal to any potential employer.


  1. Jack cut his toe, Mia fed the dog playdough, mother-in-law on her way – ability to handle pressure absolutely!

Parenting is a constant exercise in handling stress with the need to be cool, calm and collected. Most days are spent patiently coming up with ways to deal with issues at a moment’s notice. From taking care of mishaps to resolving sibling disputes, dealing with children requires the type of resourcefulness that employers look for in their staff.


  1. Toddler tantrums, family squabbles, teenage woes, all that listening, negotiation and understanding shows strong communication skills

While parenting, you’ve had to learn to communicate with people with vastly different perspectives (and comprehension levels) to you. Along the way, you’ve mastered the art of negotiating with people who are at times completely stubborn and unreasonable. If that hasn’t prepared you for the world of work, we don’t know what will.


As you can see, you’ve not only managed to raise some awesome kids, but you’ve developed some great experience too! There are lots of employers looking for candidates just like you and here CoAct, we can help build your confidence and give you the support you need.

From putting your CV together to getting you interview ready and matching your skills and interests to jobs in your area, our team wants to see you succeed. Get in touch with our friendly staff today.

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