Bridge to Work is going from strength to strength by providing Bridge Housing residents with the necessary support to help them transition into sustained, meaningful employment.

Part of the success of the program is the tailored approach that Employment Support Coordinator, Gavin, takes with each candidate that participates in the program. Gavin works with Bridge to Work participants to prepare them to find a job through practical support like helping with their resume, interview skills and presentation.

But the real impact comes with the support provided on a motivational level, where Gavin helps participants to believe in themselves, find their strengths and sharpen their skills so they are confident and motivated to set themselves up for long-term success.

Gavin says the key to finding sustained, meaningful employment is –

“putting participants in the driving seat for their job search and working closely with them to be successfully placed into job roles that they are genuinely interested in and suited to”.

Over the last year, Bridge to Work has assisted 59 people, with half of participants securing employment or setting themselves up to finding the right job for them by returning to study. Of the people placed into jobs, they are also receiving ongoing support to help them on their way to sustainable employment. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of participants noting an increase in their confidence and motivation.

If you’re a Bridge Housing tenant aged 17-60 and would like tailored support to find work, you can register your interest online at, or contact your housing manager for a referral.

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