Signs of financial abuse can include:

  • a partner using NDIS income for expenses not related to care or support
  • working for a family business and not receiving payment
  • being forced to take out debt in your name
  • a partner making it difficult to get a job or earn money
  • someone else deciding how the household income is spent
  • using your money to pay for all household expenses and receiving no discretionary income
  • a partner monitoring spending and asking for receipts
  • not being allowed to manage any financial tasks, i.e. paying a bill
  • a partner neglecting to pay child support or childcare
  • a partner gambling away shared money
  • being denied access to a bank account.

The Financial Independence Hub is a free and confidential support service helping survivors of financial abuse feel more confident with money and plan for the future.

Support is available

If you have experienced financial abuse and are ready to take practical steps to build your long-term financial independence, we are here to support you.

We will partner with you to decide how you would like to be supported. This could be through one-on-one coaching, sharing information, tools and resources, and referrals to other services. You will be connected with a dedicated professional who understands and supports you to develop your personal financial goals, which may include:

  • developing skills and confidence for increased financial wellbeing and decision-making
  • budgeting independently and building savings
  • better relationships with money
  • paying bills and meeting unexpected expenses
  • connections with a financial counsellor to reduce or pay off debts
  • preparing to return to work or register for Centrelink
  • referrals or access to other services
  • access to interest-free loans, where appropriate, while engaged with a financial coach.

One client says, “There are many instant support services to help after you’ve separated from the abuser, but there aren’t many services who help you navigate the next stage.”

If you’ve experienced financial abuse and are ready to look to the future, call 1300 050 150\FIH or register your interest online. If you’re unsure whether you have experienced financial abuse, you can still get in touch.

This service is delivered by Good Shepherd and is a proud partner of CommBank Next Chapter.

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