From the get-go, May came in for regular appointments with Debra, her Transitions Coach, where they spent time together identifying May’s skills, interests and future aspirations. May decided that her long-term goal was to work as a wedding planner. With independent research and support from Debra, they decided that getting experience within the floristry industry was a great first step into building knowledge, experience and networks within this industry.

Youth Projects took the stress off me and supported me to brainstorm options for my future. They assisted me with sourcing training opportunities, speaking to employers and advocated for me when I needed it most”.

May and Debra spent a day visiting local floristry shops together to get advice and guidance from employers and enquire about opportunities. On one of these visits May spoke to Arnie Way, business owner of Flowers in a Vase in Woodend. Arnie was impressed with May’s communication, drive and enthusiasm to begin gaining experience within the industry and contacted Youth Projects the following day to discuss work experience and internship options. Arnie decided to take May on as a floristry PaTH Intern for an 8-week period – and May was delighted!

May impressed Arnie so much with her enthusiasm and “natural creative talent” for floristry that Arnie decided to employ her as permanent part-time member of staff. May is looking forward to her paid employment and continuing her relationship with Arnie working as a florist with her newfound skills and self-confidence. Youth Projects will continue to check in with May for ongoing support as she begins the first step in her career as a florist.

“None of this would have been possible without Youth Projects. Working with them has motivated me to reach out to employers and move forward with my goals in life – I can’t wait to begin working as a florist!”

If you’re looking for a supportive service provider who understands your individual circumstances and will help foster an employment relationship like May and Arnie’s, get in touch with our friendly team.

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