Ebony came to the Transition to Work (TtW) program through CoAct Service Partner, The Personnel Group, lacking in confidence.


She believed that there were a number of barriers that would make it difficult to commit to working or studying. With the support of her Employment Consultant, Ebony gained a causal job in the deli at her local Woolworths. Identifying that Ebony needed some extra support in the early days of the role, her Employment Consultant regularly attended work with Ebony to ensure she was confident in the role and knew what she had to do.


After only two months, Ebony was offered a permanent part-time position, which meant she was now accumulating annual leave. Armed with this information, Ebony started saving and has recently enjoyed her first overseas holiday, travelling to Fiji!

Whilst on holidays, Ebony sent a message to her consultant-


Thank you for all you have helped me achieve. Without your help I wouldn’t be here today. Your belief in me has given me the confidence I didn’t have before seeing you.


If you’re looking for a supportive service provider who understands your individual circumstances and will go out of their way to help, why not try a member of the CoAct network, like The Personnel Group, contact CoAct today.

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