Why work with CoAct

If you want to find quality staff for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

CoAct’s employer services are built around one core principle – that every business is totally unique.

When you partner with CoAct, our dedicated team works with you to understand your workforce needs. We don’t just match employees to jobs, we look at the goals and aspirations of candidates and employers to ensure positive outcomes and business benefits.

A partnership approach

CoAct has been a leading provider of employment services for over two decades. We’re a national network of highly experienced Service Partners working with you to provide targeted and responsive employment and workforce planning solutions. As a not-for-profit, 90% of the funds we receive go back to supporting the local communities we operate in to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Experience the CoAct way

Consult: CoAct industry experts work with you to design programs that meet your specific industry, job or operational needs and develop solutions that meet your individual business goals and time frames.


Connect: We connect you with the right people no matter where your business is located and have access to over 52,000 candidates across Australia at any one time.


Train: We work with you to match the right training to the right job and ensure your business practices and culture are incorporated so employees can be productive and job ready from day one.

Experience the CoAct way

Experience: We also provide you with opportunities to trial potential candidates through work experience placements, so you can experience firsthand how candidates perform within your workplace.


Fund: CoAct helps you access any government funded support and wage subsidies you may be eligible for.


Support: Our experienced recruitment partners specialise in employee mentoring to ensure all new employees settle into their role and you company from day one through to the following 52 weeks, as part of our retention support plan.


Future: CoAct provides experienced workforce planning specialists who work closely with you to help plan your employment and training needs ahead of time.

Get the right fit for your business

CoAct and our Service Partners deliver solutions for businesses right across Australia. We can help you wherever you’re based and wherever you need staff.


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